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Does Information Security Analysts High Demand Career Forecast a Warning About a Rise of Global Cyber-Attack?

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Does Information Security Analysts High Demand Career Forecast a Warning About a Rise of Global Cyber-Attack?

Does Information Security Analysts High Demand Career Forecast a Warning About a Rise of Global Cyber-Attack?

(Newscko) ─ Information security analysts career is the number 1 fastest-growing high demand career (non-health area) that pays over 100K a Year. It is one of the 4 high demand fastest growing jobs for 2019-2029. According to BLS, the information security analysts’ job growth rate is 31% during 2019-2029. Median pay (2020) is $103,590 per year.

Education Requirements for Information Security Analyst

The typical education required for information security analyst include a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field (e.g., information assurance, information technology, or computer science, among other) with experience in a relevant field. The information security related studies involve theoretical and practical disciplines. Additionally, it is important to understand and learn computer programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, etc. to explore possible careers in this field.

Skills Necessary for Information Security Analyst

With the fast change in technology, the demand for information security analysts is increasing. The typical duties of information technology analysts include monitoring computer networks, managing software, reporting security concerns, and developing and implementing security strategies in order to protect organizations ‘computer networks and systems.

According to the ComputerScience.org, essential strong skills that are required for information security analysts include:

  • Tableau business intelligence and analytics software knowledge
  • Cybersecurity skills such as CompTIA security+ certification.
  • Network security management executing strategies
  • Security testing and auditing to identify vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of computer networks.
  • IT security and infrastructure to navigate organization’s IT infrastructure (e.g., firewalls and routers).
  • Project management skills
  • Security risk management expertise

Are Cyber Attacks Rising?

Undoubtedly, ransomware (malicious software-a form of malware created to encrypt files on a device) attacks are rising, according to reports. The Cybersecurity Statistics for 2021 shows malware increased by 358%. Besides, compared to 2019, the overall and ransomware increased by 435%. It is via email about 94% of malware delivered. It appears cyber-attacks are increasing in all areas globally.

Gap in Information Security Analysts Skills

The Center for Strategic and International Studies’ (CSIS) James Andrew Lewis write that as cyber threats continue to grow and organizations face a persistent challenge in finding skilled cybersecurity professionals to protect systems against malicious threats. Indeed, there is a gap in the cybersecurity graduates possess and the skills employers require. According to ISO’s Clare Naden, there is a severe shortage of skilled security analysts globally. Several reasons contribute to this deficiency, including low growth number of the newly skilled graduates though cybersecurity university and college program offerings have been growing.

Information Security Analysts High Demand vs. Rise of Global Cyber-Attack

Indeed, as the BLS report reveals, information security analysts would require to provide innovative solutions to prevent hackers from stealing critical information; therefore, they would be in high demand. Without sufficient skilled cybersecurity professionals, businesses would be unable to win the battle against cybersecurity attacks and risks.

Consequently, as Naden mentioned, there will be more substantial financial losses, more significant disruption to operations, interruption of services, impact on supply chains, personal privacy and safety compromises, and several other consequences. Undoubtedly, the information security analysts’ high-demand career predictions warn about the rise of cyber-attack globally. Therefore, the employment of information security analysts is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations