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Everything Interesting About Usability Testing

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Everything Interesting About Usability Testing


A usability test is a helpful technique that helps a product or website evaluate itself by allowing the users to test it. The users fill a questionnaire, answer notes, listen and learn.

Usability Testing can help developers make a better product and a website’s Ul and UX. Since we have already talked about Usability Testing in detail, let’s tell you some interesting facts about it.

Fact 1: Testing Color Choices

Testing color themes for a website is mostly what a brand looks for. They want the customers to decide which color matches the theme and emotion their product or service is trying to invoke.

Fact 2: Good Design is Everything

A product and website need a good design. A good design will help define the functioning of your product. A bad design, on the other hand, can turn even a fine-working product into a bad one.

Fact 3: Tests are Difficult

Most companies do not go for a straightforward utility test. Some of them are too difficult to understand, with complex options to choose from. A simple test makes it more engaging and resourceful.

Fact 4: People Prefer anything Environment Friendly

Most utility testers would prefer a design that gives them a feeling that the product minimizes pollution and is environmentally safe. It would mostly generate positive feedback among the audience.

Fact 5: People choose Logos

The logo is a brand’s identity. Although utility testers do a good job in choosing the best logo out of the options, it’s still better if the company and the partners don’t include it in the test and choose their own identity.

Fact 6: Most Tests are the Same

Most companies would copy test templates without knowing that each product has different values. So, if you ever take a usability test, you would mostly find every test identical.

Fact 7: Minimalism Wins

Most usability testers love when their test is less complex, and the website or product they are testing has a minimal design. Overcomplicated design is a big no-no. Pure and simple designs win the usability test.

Fact 8: Headlines are Important

Many companies would put their headlines in the usability test. It helps them pick a better tagline for their company.

Fact 9: Even the Domain Names

It’s true! Most companies would even put their domain names for people to choose from. Strange, right?

Fact 10: Usability increases Expense

About 63% of the software development and products exceed their budget. A usability test is one of the reasons it happens.

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