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Why it is Hard to Have Anthony Fauci in the US and Other Countries

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Why it is Hard to Have Anthony Fauci in the US and Other Countries


Supporting government’s decisions and policies is an essential component of keeping it on
the path of development and prosperity. While supporting government initiatives, it is also
important to highlight loopholes in its policies.

In the United States, we have individuals with multiple ideologies. Some support the
government policies and some criticize it. Hard-working and soft-spoken Dr. Anthony Fauci
is one of the top country’s medical researchers appreciating the good policies and
highlighting the loopholes to improve the health policies of the government. He spent
decades conducting clinical research and treating patients at NIAID (National Institute of
Allergy and Infectious Diseases).

Dr. Fauci has directed seven American Presidents on global as well as domestic health issues.
We are living in a society that is continuously improving because of the positive criticism by
some individuals like Dr. Fauci. However, there is a common notion that leaders don’t like
criticism, and citizens who speak something against their actions are considered probably
against the nation too. Therefore, it is very difficult to have more people like Dr. Fauci in the
US and other countries.

Dr. Anthony Fauci always believes that support and praise are very crucial along with
constructive criticism for maintaining efficient governance as it keeps government officials
and leaders motivated to work more efficiently. For many US citizens, Dr. Fauci is the true
face of trust to save human lives. He was an authentic and most reliable resource during
pandemic while the White House often played politics in its unique decision-making. Fauci
was everywhere during the initial phases of the pandemic, appearing at briefings of the White
House coronavirus task force and answering questions as the fatal virus wreaked havoc on the
major parts of the world and U.S.

It should be remembered that nobody is born with extraordinary leadership qualities. Leaders
should accept positive criticism and support the people like Dr. Fauci for the betterment of

Irrespective of what outstanding contributions made by people like Dr. Fauci, most
governments do not like them. Despite several challenges, there will be more Anthony Fauci
down the road either in the US or other countries as everything evolves. Currently, a fresh
window into Fauci’s work and personal life has opened, as thousands of Fauci’s work emails
from the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic have been released to The Washington
and BuzzFeed via Freedom of Information Act requests.


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