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Will Harvard University and Other Institutions Loose Lead in the Evolving Education Environment?

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Will Harvard University and Other Institutions Loose Lead in the Evolving Education Environment?


Online education has made great progress in the last couple of years, making it one of the
most discussed and analyzed subjects in the evolving education environment. The pandemic
prompted many universities and colleges to comprehensively and abruptly adopt remote
work, online learning, and other activities to support contain the spread of the virus.
However, here arises the question of whether Harvard University and other prestigious
institutions dilute their quality of education and lose dominance in the evolving Education

It seems they could maintain their dominance because of having top-notched alumina networks. They have created a strong magnetic network among their alumni established for a long time, work standard criteria, communicate with industry, keep updated, and follow entrepreneurial creators. The faculty and alumni of Harvard have been closely linked with multiple areas of American political and intellectual development.

As the education field is transformed significantly with the incorporation of modern
technology from the last couple of years and it is expected that the trend will continue in the
next couple of years too. Even with this huge transformation in the education field, Harvard
University and other prestigious institutions are still attracting new students because of the
following reasons:

At present, Harvard University has the world’s largest endowment among all the
universities. These huge external financial aids allow affording the best equipment and
infrastructure. They support top researches with these funds. Thus, students who wish to
conduct their research studies using these cutting-edge equipments and technologies are
attracted to Harvard.

Harvard attracts students because of its highly accomplished scholars. Many professors at
Harvard and other prestigious institutions are Nobel Prize winners due to their services to
mankind. They are highly paid, involve in research in their own field, and collaborate
with industry.

Harvard offers the financial aid to ensure that finances will not be the reason in their
studies. Harvard has an extensive amount of study resources. Along with the
comprehensive digital library system, it has the largest private library system in the
world, with 55 miles of shelving and more than 17 million volumes.

They maintain the various clubs active to keep their dominance. For example, Harvard
has nearly 200 societies and Clubs in more than 70 countries to maintain their lead across
the globe.

The Internet is changing our education and learning environment rapidly. A skill can be
learned anyone online from anywhere. The internet is taking away traditional elite institutes’
monopoly on learning skills and granting credibility. Undoubtedly, when it comes to learning news skills, you simply don’t require a crapulent college dean or a stodgy old professor in a hilarious faux-medieval gown to guide and teach you.

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